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I have been very lucky to be nominated again for the very inspiring blogger award by two wonderful bloggers, Anil and Yamyah.
I am very honored and happy for this, thank you both! 😀
And if you have not visited Anil and Yamyah yet, I suggest you do it 🙂

The rules for the very inspiring blogger award are telling seven random things about yourself, thank the person who has awarded you for this award by linking back to them and pass the award over to 7 other bloggers and let them know you’ve awarded them.

So, my seven random things about myself.

1. I have never had short hair
2. addicted to music, everything from classical to death metal.
3. I am very very shy
4. Want to learn to play Chello
5. I love nature(obvious through my writings I think)
6. I have climbed on the top of a mountain that is ca 2000 meters high(the feeling when I stood on the top – I cant describe it)
7. I am born in the year of the Tiger and I am a scorpio

That was a little about me 🙂

My nominees are as following and in no particulair order:
Lazaro Iglesias
 Anne Onsøien

Highly recommended bloggers, they are all truly worth a visit!