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Reflections - The World In A Bubble


… and did you ever
take a word
in your mouth
to taste it
to let it roll on your tongue
as the flavours of the letters
bombarded your senses
and played with your mind?
Like the word
Such a small word
yet it contains eternity …

© Sirenia 2016
© Photo Stelios Mpatz


The Silence


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… but in the end
all that is left
of what once were
is your howling

… it’s like a roar
that comes from
the coldest mountains
to blow out my candle

And this pain
… this pain …
It’s just too
much to handle

© Sirenia 2016
© Photo Stelios Mpatz

Originally posted May, 2016

If I Am To Sleep


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If I am to sleep
make it to be with eyes wide open
Cause when the rays of the rising sun
kiss life into the world`s beautiful garden;
our earth becomes the greatest work of art
And in that time I can experience eternity;
the moment between two seconds
when the nature breathes an echo of a time;
A deeper meaning that will never exist
If I am to sleep
I hope it forever to be with eyes wide open

© Sirenia 2012

First time published on this blog, march 23 2012

The Weigh In


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“Is that you?”
It is me.
The voice in the other end, distant, flat and slightly rasping.
I have a small suitcase in my left hand and my purse in my right. I am standing at the end of the road, behind me the celebration of the end of something old and the beginning of something new are exploding in colors, shapes and loud sounds. Fireworks. Humans tend to mark the transit of one year to another in a grandiose way. How many millions are being shot up in the night sky while we drink champagne, cheers and make promises to lose weight, quit smoking and so on for the new year wich we never keep?
I don`t blame them. I do it myself. Only this time, exactly one year ago, I made one more promise.
I look down on my suitcase. It is much smaller than my last weigh in.
Did I do enough? Was it enough?
For me, past time are like a mirror. And as I take a look in it, holding my luggage, clenching it in my hands; I can see it

… the landscape,
the valleys and the hills
which my path went through
on my life journey
– it seems divergent
as I take a peek back

And all that once was majestic
– boulders and forest –
are long gone
Only leaving an echo
of what once were

… though maybe it’s not absent
but rather the radiance
from my own beating heart
of all that I met on my
journey through life
who really made a difference

The weigh in has ended. My suitcase is lighter. Free of unnecessary burdens. I breathe. A sigh of relief. I believe I kept my promise.

“Is that you?”
Yes, it is me.
The intercom buzzes and a click can be heard as the door opens and I walk through the door to the new year with a lighter suitcase and the fireworks still saluting the new things to come.

© Sirenia 2018

New Year, Oslo Operahouse Norway

Image borrowed from Antepeskort



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White mist are coming as dancing fairies
between the tall trees by the golden field
– the final taste of the sweet summer wine

And soon a playfull breeze will come
to embrace the memories at early dawn
and carry them into the waiting season
feeding them with moist of morning dew drops

And on the wings of a loving laughter
it will release the memories
one by one
into the dreaming autumn days …

© Sirenia 2012
© Photo Stelios Mpatz

The Wings Of Mine


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Metal Wall Art Abstract Modern Handmade Angel Wing

She had seen him for a while. Did not dare to hope he had seen her too. Pretended everything was ok, no worries, no sorrows. Did not need anyone, could cope on her own. Put her wings around her body and protect herself – that was the one thing she could do best.
She was a wounded bird. Rich in experience, both positive and negative. Had given away her wings earlier and had got them in return – worn out, dirty and full of holes. “Never again” was her thought – at that time. And it turned out that way. No one could get close; no one could touch her wings anymore. She clung to them, terrified of losing.

Then one day he was there. “Hi” he said and she was standing a little hesitant and unsecure. Had he seen her anyways? “Can I help you?” she said. Still awaiting and felt the wings embrace the body more tightly. He pulled his hand through his hair, took a step closer and a cautious smile settled over his face as he said “There is something I`m not capable to do … I think you might be able to help?”
That`s how it all started. Slowly but surely, they approached each other. They used the time to get to know each other. Afraid of getting hurt again.

“If I give you my wings … will you fly away from me?” It was a thought that constantly was buzzing around in her head. Afraid to ask – afraid of what the answer might be. Maybe it was for the best to keep it on the level they had. No hurt feelings, no expectations. He could not possibly want anything else than a friendship with her.

“Would you come to visit me one weekend?” The words slowly fell towards her and she felt her heart almost stopped. Scared, but at the same time she felt the joy bubble. But then again, he did probably not mean it. Or did he? She looked closely at his eyes, looking for that special little sign that made her sure in her suspicions that he was not serious. His dark eyes looked firmly back on her own eyes, completely devoid of irony and wicked thoughts. He was serious.

“yes”. The answer came like a silent breath almost before she had the time to think about it. He made himself more comfortable there he sat and she could almost hear how his mind worked behind his smooth forehead. She could see his joy spread over his face and she felt something broke inside herself. It was some of the ice that melted by the warmth she felt spread inside her. For a long time her heart had been covered in ice. Now it was starting to melt.

“Did you have a good time”? He looked at her from the side. Gravel crunched under their shoes and a little further on, they could see the street lights are lit. The trip in the forest had been great, even though it was getting dark.

She did not answer at once. They had been together for two days now. Two days where she had felt free, smiled and laughed out loud. When was the last time she had done that?

She stopped at the first street lantern and turned against him. “I have had a great time. You are like medicine to me”. She turned abruptly and took a few quick steps until he caught her and pulled her close to his body. She refused to look up, so he put a finger under her chin and almost forced her to look at him.
The wind came and blew some hair out on her face; he moved his gaze up and stroked her hair gently away as he asked: “Will you be mine?”And while the wind made the shadows of the trees to dance slowly and the moon to be free from clouds, she knew the answer;

“I`ll give you my wings.”

© Sirenia 2012
© Photo Metal Wall Art

I wrote this several years ago, its actually one of the first things I ever wrote.

Winter Night


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The wind dances around my feet
lifting veils of white crystals
My warm breath makes frosty clouds
falling to the ground light as snow

The stars are spred by the wind
filling the nightsky`s dark sea
They shed their silver tears
over the land with dim shadows

The cry of a lonely owl
echoes in the forest depths
And the wolf`s glowing eyes
fades among the dark trees

A distant sound of a horn is heard
along with rumbeling hoofs
The ancestor`s mighty army
is riding majestic over the sky

My voice breaks the dark night
and the silence of the winter
I call the name of the Elders
Hear me – and listen to my call

© Sirenia 2012
© Photo Boredpanda

*As a kid I used to do this often when the night sky exploded in green, slow dancing waves. I was convinced it was a portal to the gods(I have no idea why I believed so, but I did)and I used to stretch my arms up and call for them to take me up with them. Apparently it never happened, I am still here – even how hard I wished for it and also how loud I yelled. And I still have my imagination 🙂
And yes, I know it is a bit absurd to post stuff about winter and northern lights in the mids of summer but hey, who cares? 🙂

Magical Moments


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A thought dances through mind
while looking out at the sleeping landscape.
Dressed in the cold white and grey
and sung to silence;
embraced by the winter queen.
Branches covered with frosty crystals
which are kissed by the distant bright light
while a crowned moose lifts his head by the forest edge
before he slowly disappears into the white music …

Did Grieg hold his breath first time his fingers touched
the piano and music floated through the air,
like teenagers with a shivering heart holds their breath
waiting for their very first kiss?
Magical moments … the reason why we forget to breathe

© Sirenia 2012
© Photo Stelios Mpatz